The Top 9 Finalists of YTM’s Next Top Model

Dear fans and followers,

8 na ang natanggal…

9 na lang ang natira…

Sa labanan ng HUMAN EMOTION SHOT, sino kaya ang bibida?

Welcome sa Yours truly, Madma’s Next Top Model!!! Ito ang kauna-unahan at nakakalokang modelling search sa blogging world hatid sa atin ng Adbokasya at Dolled up by J.C. Cantos.

9 models na lang ang natitira! Sila ang maglalaban-laban para sa titulong Ultimate Grand Winner ng YTMNTM. Last Wednesday, nagpaalam na tayo Allen. Siya ang pang-walong natanggal sa YTMNTM. Salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng show na ito, Allen. Salamat sa pinakita mong husay, galing at tapang sa bawat round. We wish you all the best!

Panibagong challenge na naman ang kakaharapin ng ating Top 9 finalists today. Susubukan natin ang kanilang galing sa pagmo-model ng kanilang Favorite Human Emotion. Syempre, dapat ma-feel natin ang emosyon na kanilang mino-model. Aurahan talaga ito at its finest!

Tatlo ulit ang magiging hurado para sa round na ito. Ito ay sina Mr. Rogelio Estacio Jr., ang General Manager ng Adbokasya, Ms. J.C. Cantos ng Dolled up by J.C. Cantos at ang ating celebrity judge for this week na si Mr. Sanriel Chris Ajero. Shout ouch naman sa ating sobrang pogi at nakakalaglag pantry/brief celebrity judge! AMPOGEE!!!

Si Mr. Sanriel Chris Ajero ay isang batikang Film and TV critic. Lupet ng mga reviews n’ya! Malalim, palaban, matapang at talagang nakakaloka ang mga sinasabi n’ya. Nagre-review din siya ng music, photos, performances, anything related sa culture and arts. He is an alumnus of UP Cineaste, ang organization na pinagmulan ng mga famous local media personalities nila Bb. Joyce Bernal, Cathy Garcia-Molina, Ely Buendia, Kuya Kim Atienza. Si Sanriel ay minsan na ring nagbida sa isang Indie film titled “Trabaho” kasama si Ping Medina. Critic and actor ang peg. Taray! 🙂

And lastly, si Sanriel ay rin siyang Certified Public Accountant. Grabe! Ang active rin ng left and right brain niya! Ampoge pa, ples! Sana maging kame na lang. WOW. 🙂 Abangan natin ang mga maaanghang ng comments ni Sanriel soon. Mag-ready na kayo, mga models!

Click this link to read his reviews:

At dahil sa pogi si Sanriel, ilalagay ko pa ang isa n’yang photo! GRABE!!! Kapag siya ang naging jowa ko, hindi na talaga ako magbo-blog! Papamigay ko na itong YTM, promise! 🙂 Guys, hindi kasali sa botohan ang picture ni Sanriel ha. Huwag kayong malito! Focus! 🙂


The ratio of judging is divided into: Panel Judges (50%) and Fan Votes (50%). Lahat ng fans ay pwedeng bumoto ISANG BESES kada araw! Tuluy-tuloy lang ang suporta sa favorite finalist n’yo everyday. Ang cut-off ng voting for this round ay sa July 24 (Tuesday) at 11:00 p.m. Tapos sa July 25 (Wednesday) ang ating ikaapat na Elimination Day! Isang model na naman ang ating tatangalin sa Wednesday.

Waging-wagi sa prizes ang Ultimate Grand Winner ng YTMNTM dahil siya ang magiging featured model ng Adbokasya for the month of September. Syempre, may bonggang solo pictorial shoot siya kasama ang buong YTMNTM team: photography by Mr. Zabra Yu Siwa, Hair and Make-up by Ms. J.C. Cantos. Magkakaroon din siya ng free personalized t-shirt from Adbokasya, design of his/her own.Makakatanggap din siya ng free Hair and Make-up service from Ms. J.C. Cantos valid within this year. At syempre, ang Ultimate Grand Winner ng YTMNTM ay bibida sa video blog ni Madma sa buwan ng September! Aktingan with Madma ang peg nito kaya pasabog!

So huwag na nating patagalin! Kilalanin na natin ang Top 9 Finalists ng YTM’s Next Top Model!


Angelica, 24, Laguna (KILIG)


“Ito ang aking favorite human emotion kasi ang sarap at ang saya ng kinikilig 🙂 ang saya kapag inlove! 🙂 lalo na pag classmate/ officemate mo yung kinakikiligan mo 🙂 nakaka-inspire pumasok everyday kasi may ni-loo-look forward ka. Nakaka-bata rin ng pakiramdam yung kilig kasi very high school 🙂 who would forget the first time na kinilig ka sa buong buhay mo? 🙂 it puts a smile on my face at kapag lagi kang nakangiti, it creates and attracts positive aura :)”

Paris, 24, Quezon City (Serenity)

“SERENITY is my favorite among human emotions. It’s that feeling when you are tranquil and calm. Growing up in the province made me realize how chaotic life in the city is. Sometimes, you just want to go to places, meditate, enroll in yoga classes just to achieve that “moment of zen”. But for me, its just being one with nature, feeling the peacefulness it can offer you. The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the sea breeze. Crystal clear waters. Pristine white beach. Lush vegetation. And yourself secluded from the rest. It’s just perfect.”


Rog, 27, Caloocan (Mourning with a vengeance)

“July 2, 2012, Willem Geertman was shot dead in front of his office in San Fernando, Pampangaa. He was a Dutch missionary and NGO worker,and an advocate against large-scale mining in Pampanga and Zambales. Geertman’s demise was no isolated case; from 2001 up to 2012, KALIKASAN monitored a total of 58 environmental advocates who have fallen victim to various human rights violations.

I, along with millions of Filipinos, mourn the loss of lives of environmentalists and challenge the Aquino government to resolve cases of HRVs towards ecologists, to stop the vilification of activists, and to dismantle paramilitary forces in environmentally- destuctive projects.


Coco, 24, Quezon City (Cautious)

“Being cautious is categorized as secondary emotion that is a result or rootcause of fear and is an opposite of being impulsive. Having been through all the odds and evens of my 24-year-old life, being cautious has taught me to face problems squarely, make right decisions and stand by that decision, plan ahead of time and convert plans to actions. It has also prepared me that for every decisions I made, consequences follow, be it good or bad.

By being cautious at times, I have learned to embrace the goodness and take charge the badness of life. The emotion has let me Christmas shop on August, (thinking I might lose my job by December), put 10-peso coin in my shoe when going out at night (thinking someone might steal my pouch or snatch my wallet out of my bag) and bring umbrella most of the time everywhere I go. You know, little details mostly we don’t care that much.

I’m not saying I am super cautious all the time, it’s just that I tend to feel it at something I know in the end I would be disappointed at. It might be classified by psychologist under negative emotions, but sometimes, good things come out of cautions. And that’s my favorite part.”


Nessa, 24, Paranaque (Pagkasawi)

“Naramdaman mo na ba ang purong pagkadismaya, ang sakit na madarama sa ‘twing pag bangon sa bukang liwayway ay wala na siya? Matapos ang gabing kay timyas, madaling araw na kay wagas, pag mulat, ikaw muli ay magisa. Nagkalat pa ang mga damit sa sahig na kay lamig, mga unang hubad at kubre-kamang gusot, tanging ang mga pader lamang ang nakaalam at nakanood. Mga salitang binigkas, ungol, sigaw, hingal, hiling, Oh diyos ko sige pa! – naglahong parang bula. Sa umaga, wala ni isang tunog kundi ang hikbi, kasunod ng pagluha. At matapos ang pagmuni, tatayo ka na at makikipagmurahan sa kay tirik na araw. Pilit lilimutin ang gabing kay sarap, ibabaon sa alaala ang paraisong naganap. Puso at katawan ay naiwang naghahanap, nangangarap kung kelan siya muling matitikman, malalasap.

Ito ang paborito kong emosyon pagkat ito ang siyang nadarama sa ‘twina. Walang pag-ibig, walang pangako, walang pag-asa. Ngunit sa pagkaalam nito, ako ay napapakilos na maging mas maganda. Maging mas matalino. Maging ang babae para lang sa kanya. Ngayon ay magpapakatanga, magpapakaalila, ngunit pag akin na siya, siguro, balang araw, baka, sa ‘twing pagmulat, ako ay sasaya.”


Keempee, 20, Tarlac (Happiness)

“We can look at life in two different ways– an endless struggle or a meaningful journey. I choose to see life as the latter. I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and enthusiastic on what lies ahead for me. But my life hasn’t always been that great. Since I was young, I knew I was different from the others. I knew that I was different from society’s definition of normal. To put it bluntly, I was a girl trapped in a body of a boy. And with this, I live a life encountering endless injustice and unfairness because of my differences.

Some people may look down on me, some may even pity me, but rather than sulking in the abscess of my imperfections, I choose to see past that. Whenever I feel slighted or hurt by other people, I spend a small amount of time being angry and remember that the best that I can do is just BE AMAZING! FABULOUS! FIERCE! RAWR!

At the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, I CHOOSE HAPPINESS (and I choose Nestle, CHARLOT!)! I choose to appreciate my individuality. I choose to appreciate my friends and family who are beside me right from the start! I choose to appreciate and hone my God-given talents, in all my bookings and frequent guest appearances (GANDARA! HAHAHA).

Gone are the days that I walk in the shadows of frustration, guilt, and low self-esteem. I am a new me, all because I choose to be.

I am Keempee Gacula, 20, from the peaceful barrio of Victoria, Tarlock!”


Flip, 27, Mandaluyong (Worried)

This is not surprising for teachers:

Each day is not enough for the tons of work to do.

Actually we always pray that a day lasts more than 24 hours. 

Challenges and  hardships are part of our job description.

However we want to spend our day, we have to go back to finishing our tasks.

Ever worried, we stress too much about our work.

Realizing that this is all for our students’ sake, our spirit is renewed, and we push on.”


Jeff,22, Malabon (Guilt)

“A state of knowing your actions. A confinement and definition of responsibility. A definition of limit. It’s a realization, an epiphany, a stand for belief. An emotion that has to be just right. An emotion needed.”


Jetti, 28, Quezon City (Forlorn)


It’s that debilitated, purposeless and isolated feeling. It’s the futile waiting game of who gets to call first after calling it quits. It’s that heavy yet shallow space in the chest. It’s a feeling of loss that you wish you can just easily dismiss. It’s crying for days, even without having to shed tears. It’s denial. It’s depression. It’s a mix of all sad emotions. Hello, Adele and Coldplay. No one can get used to or get too familiar with this feeling of sadness.

Why is it my favorite emotion?

Because what doesn’t kill you will make a good story…

And as they say, will make you stronger.

Been there, been that.”


At sila na nga ang ating Top 9 Finalists!!! Ang bongga!!! Iboto na ang favorite finalists n’yo para makapasok sila sa Top 8!

Good luck to all the finalists.

Yours truly,


P.S. YTM’s Next Top Model is sponsored by Adbokasya, (Create A Statement, Wear Your Advocacy) and Dolled up by J.C. Cantos, the personal make-up artist of Mr. Richard Gutierrez. Maging member na din kayo ng FB Fan page nila! Dali!!!

Again, ako ang 2nd Model ng Adbokasya which was featured last December 2011. Check n’yo yung FB page nila para makita ang aking pasabog photos! I love Adbokasya! So Create your own Statement now and Wear your Advocacy! Pa-print na kayo ng t-shirt sa kanila.

Si Ms. J.C. Cantos naman ay ang personal make-up artist ng sikat na sikat na si Mr. Richard Gutierrez. Make-up artist din siya ng iba pang celebrity sa GMA 7!  So kung gusto n’yo ding gumanda kasi nga medyo chaka na kayo, tawagin n’yo lang siya.

P.P.S. Panoorin ang pasabog 2nd Video Blog ni Madma! Live na live pa rin! Salamat sa lahat ng mga nakapanood lalo na sa mga nag-comment at nagbigay ng mga nakakatuwang reviews. 🙂 Tunay namang nakakataba ng puso. 🙂

Sa mga hindi pa nakaka-avail, PANOORIN NA!!! Masaya ito, promise! MAS maganda pa ito sa Kimmy Dora! WOW. 🙂

I-click ang link na ito para mapanood ang PASABOG video blog ni Madma para sa 2nd monthsary ng YTM:

MARAMING salamat din kay Mr. Ron Reyes! SUPER touch ako sa pag-feature mo sa akin sa blog mo! Sniff… Salamat sa napakagandang feedback sa YTM. Salamat sa pagiging avid fan ni Madma ever since. Ang lakas din talaga ng views ng YTM sa Norway! Alam na. 😉  Excited na ako sa pagbabalik mo sa December! Salamat, Ron. Ang wagas ng suporta mo. 🙂 Btw, medyo nandiri ako sa picture mo na may bulutong. Argggh! Arte?! I love you, Ron. See you soon. Regards daw sabi ni Jenjen. ‘Yun oh. Yikee. ❤

BASAHIN n’yo naman ang pasabog na review ni Ron para sa YTM. Ang best! CLICK THIS LINK:

Shout ouch din kay Mr. Robby Benson Torres para sa photo na ginamit ko sa taas. Pictorial ulit next time. Adik na?! 😉 Thanks din to my Manager, Mr. Silvino Phillip Guangco for editing the photo. Love you both. ❤

Tinatawag ko rin ang lahat ng may ginintuang puso. Kailangan ng tulong ng aming kaibigan na Ms. Hiezel Prado. She was first diagnosed with polymyositis, but the doctors say it’s actually LUPUS. Grabe! Ka-edad lang namin si Hiezel at kakalase sa UP Diliman.  Super bait ni Hiezel! Nakakalungkot. 😦 Ipagdasal natin si Ma’am. You may check out this website, , to know more about her condition. Please RT and share. Thank you very much.


154 thoughts on “The Top 9 Finalists of YTM’s Next Top Model

  1. Since the theme this week is Human Emotions, what I’m looking for is quite simple – a picture that would stir up my emotions – hopefully in the manner the model intended.

    ANGELICA – It just doesn’t feel natural. Everything feels so rehearsed – almost like those studio pics from early 2000s where the photographer takes over your body and puts your limbs in the most awkward of positions. The whole thing looks distorted and the shot makes your head look big. Plus, kilig as an emotion would’ve been so much more convincing (and damn easy to convey) if seen through the eyes – which sadly, I couldn’t see here. Forgettable.

    PARIS – I could totally get the story in your write-up from the picture. It kinda works – with the sky, the beach, the seemingly white filter and even the white flag work well with the emotion you’re trying to give. But you’ve done this before. Your Week 1 photo had the exact same dress and the exact same composition – and just repeating yourself would bore people. There’s no room for repetition in this business. Everything has to be fresh and new and original. Surprise us.

    JEFF – While I like the fact that you tackled an emotion so mature, the photo in itself just didn’t work. Firstly, it’s out of focus. This isn’t the Stolen Shot week so the picture has to be perfect – cos that’s the only thing we’re judging you for. Then the cropping. I feel for your friend, cutting her in half. Overall, I think this isn’t a picture you submit to a modelling search. This is a picture you get tagged on in Facebook.

    ROG – Dear, you have to learn a thing or two about photo cropping from Jeff. While I totally accept advocacies and activism in any form, I think it’s about time you take the competition a bit more seriously and really step it up. While I admire the passion you have for the things you stand up for, I just wish you have the same fire to win this thing. I just don’t feel it yet. The picture has too much elements – and too little of you. You aren’t even the focus of the picture – you just happened to look at the camera at the right Kodak moment. One-fifth of you got cropped out na nga eh. It just pains me cos it would totally turn the other way if you are alone in the picture wearing the exact same everything.

    COCO – First things first. While I totally understand your point, I still don’t buy being “cautious” as an emotion. And come on, I see nothing of anything you’ve said in your write up in your photo – as in nada. How can I picture and “feel” “cautious” when all I can see a half-naked man wearing nothing but a scarf, taking a self-portrait and trying to look away. Looking away is a good excuse for showing emotions. But it almost always doesn’t work. This is very juvenile given this stage of the game. You should start being cautious of your stay in the competition cos as you said, “sometimes, good things come out of cautions”. Just not this one. Give your fans reasons to vote more for you.

    NESSA – Impressive. The story, the picture, the emotion – all tied up to a pretty and heart-breaking bow this week. The photo tells me a lot about how you are feeling – best of which is I can possibly derive the story just by looking at it. That’s what the challenge is about. This is how “looking away” is done right, Coco. It’s a long stare that does not seem to end. Good job this week.

    KEEMPEE – It’s a shame that initially I thought you were bullying and laughing at someone in your pic – which is exactly what you’re fighting against (based on your write-up). This is a big mix-up you couldn’t afford to get into – especially as a model. You have to be able to present a clear vision of the theme. Here, happiness is translated to poking fun at someone – and they are polar opposite, at least in relation to what you stand for. And come on, it’s a bad shot. And you just took this in front of a wall in BA corridor. More effort with the picture.

    FLIP – My problem with your entry is that it is very animated, very theatrical. When captured in a photo, every slight bit of emotion is accented, even the subtlest. So distorting your face too much to look worried all the more highlighted the lack of subtlety – something that would alienate your reader. And I totally get your take on “ugly pretty” but what I don’t think it came out the way way you intended it. It’s cute but it’s not for this stage of the competition. I did not feel anything looking at this – well, it probably made me worry about your future in this competition.

    JETTI – It’s refreshing to see someone in this competition model from head to toe. Everything in its right place – the phone, your hand trying to let go of it but still hopeful, that ass, those pointed toes, the pants – it is very editorial, which means it’s ideal for this type of challenge, but can also be a bad thing. Cos we’ve all seen it. Countless times. It’s a fashion shot and it’s one of those typical ones. But to your credit, it looks sincere. We might not be able to see your face the clearest possible way, but the entire body tells us all – and more.

    That’s it. Thanks for having me. Goodluck to the models.

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