Madma, Kasado na sa Miss Engineering 2012


Dear fans and followers,

At talaga namang kasado na si Madma para i-host ang pinakabongga at inaabangang “Miss Engineering 2012.” POTA! Bukas na pala ito! Nami-miss ko ang energy ng mga UP Engineering people. 🙂

Magkita-kita tayo sa UP University Theater bukas, 6pm. SOOO EXCITED! I miss this! 🙂

O, ito ang patikim para sa event bukas! Woooh!!!



Muli, maraming salamat sa UP Engineering Student Council. Salamat sa muling pagtitiwala kay Madma. I love you all. ❤ Shet, sana naman ay kayanin ko pa rin ang pagho-host ng event na ito. 🙂

See you all!!!

Yours truly,


P.S. Since weekend ngayon, hayaan n’yong pakiligin kayo ni Madma sa pamamagitan ng pagbabahagi ng NAKAKAKILIG na letter na ito! Shet. Kilig overload naman!

Ang letter na ito ay galing sa aking kumare na si Ms. Joy Huiso-Geronimo. Ito ang kanyang “Special Gift” para sa kumpare kong si Mr. Ferdinand Geronimo. NAKAKALOKA! Ang tamis-tamis n’yo! Shet.

Happy 8th Year Anniversary sa inyo. I love you both. <#

Ito na! Basahin na ang nakakakilig na letter na ito. Weeeeh.




Watching the Zoren-Carmina wedding last November 24 brought me the memories of my own wedding. But while watching the kilig-much wedding of the lovely couple, my shy-type husband asked me if there was anything that I envied from them, or did I wish that he had done the same thing, or have I prayed that our wedding be as grand as theirs. I just smiled at him and placed a soft kiss on his cheeks(I am one of the most contented wives in the world). I was just happy for the Zoren and Carmina. My tears had nothing to do with our wedding.

Our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is approaching to its 8 years, and I have been thinking of a gift for him, material gifts were not one of my options. Then I came across this thought. Since the Filipinas have claimed that Mr Zoren Legaspi has set the notch higher for men proposing to their girlfriends, and adding pressures to the future husbands, I have stood up and claimed that my husband is a better groom and fiancé than Mr Zoren.

Now here are my positions.

  1. Zoren took 12 years before he the guts to ask Carmina to marry him (though they have expressed that the wedding ceremony was the only thing they do not have, and the “marriage” within their family), my husband only took him 2 years  (sapilitan pa yan ha, hahaha).
  2. Zoren had to ask their lovely twins for help in the wedding preparations. Imagine the stress that he gave the twins! JosmioMarimar. (Actually, cute ang thought at gusto ko rin yun, pero hayaan nyo na ako hahaha para lang ma-iba at syempre para bongga ang dating kay husband). My husband only asked our 2 year old daughter to be the mini-bride on our wedding. No hassles.
  3. Zoren had to ask to many people to help him pull off that kind of wedding, from their managers to their sponsors to their networks (that is called CONNECTIONS, hehehe). Whereas, my husband only asked ME to help him give me the wedding we both wanted. Wala kaming wedding planner, we did our own invites, we shopped and made our own give aways. We “tried” to plan everything (but really, there were those little hands that helped us on that very day, kilala nyo na mga sarili nyo, BIG thanks to you!).
  4. … and my last position is, I did not marry a Zoren-like guy. I married Ferdinand R Geronimo. Not just any guy, but THE Ferdinand R Geronimo.  Nothing could make me wish for someone better.

There. I gave you 4.  Mainggit ang mainggit. 😛

But it has never been all about comparing what my boyfriend-then did, or what any man did for his girl. It is all about how they profess their love, in every way they know. The Wedding Like No Other might have sparked a few, but personally, I will never swap my wedding with that kind of. Not that we do not want to spend so much, but it is the feeling that is un-exchangeable. Every wedding, every bride experiences unique emotional abnormalities on her big day. Yes, there is the smiling-crying-sobbing-crying again and whatever emotions but every bride has her own story.

And as for me, I am not asking for some Zoren-type guy. I am simply happy and very much contented on how my Ferdinand surprises me with pop-up questions and spontaneous gimiks. I am blissful on how he made me feel on my big day. How he made me feel that I am, and will always be the most beautiful girl (now this is arguable today since we have a daughter who WE think is the most beautiful creation of God J) he has met. Tutok kung tutok ang dating ng lolo, bawal ako makatakas hehe. And I am in no position on demand for more than how he is weaving our love story today.

We all have our imperfectly perfect partners. And I am here to claim that. My husband will always be a better groom that Zoren, whether you accept it or not I have made my point.

Happy Anniversary, Daddy!

I love you. ❤


NAKAKALOKA! Shet. Kinikilig ako nang todo. 🙂 Salamat sa sulat mo Mareng Joy! BEST. 🙂

Cheers to forever. 🙂

At dahil d’yan, hayaan n’yong i-serenade kayo ng favorite singer ko na si Ms. Regine Velasquez. 🙂 Enjoy.