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Anyare na?! Wednesday na. Or should I say, Wednesday pa lang! Ang tagal naman ng weekend. Irita.

Mag-bonding na nga lang muna tayo para ‘di nakakainip. Gusto ko pa lang i-share sa inyo itong nakakalokang article tungkol sa kaartehan ng mga favorite nating Hollywood Divas. Aaaay. Alam n’yong fascination ko ang mga Divas bilang isa rin akong Diva in my own little way! WOW. 🙂

Ang taray nitong article na ito kasi naisawalat talaga ang mga shocking bordering to nonsense demands ng mga iniidolo nating Divas while they are on tour. Yes, maarte sila sa totoong buhay. Demanding ang mga bitches! Kaloka. Sila na talaga ang pinagpala sa mundong ito! Grabe. Pero nakakatuwa rin yung mga demands nila ha. Ang weird ‘eh. Nakaka-shock! Very outrageous talaga!

Enough of my intro.  Basahin n’yo na lang ito para maloka kayo! Magugustuhan n’yo ‘to kasi mas makikilala n’yo ang pagkatao ng mga Hollywood Divas na kinahuhumalingan n’yo.

GAME! Basa na! Alamin ang mga nakakalokang pakulo slash kaartehan ng mga sikat na Hollywood Divas.



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Mariah Carey

We wouldn’t be surprised if we looked up “diva” in the dictionary and saw a picture of Mariah Carey. While the Grammy-winning singer certainly has the pipes and resume to back up the title — she holds the record for most no. 1 singles by a female recording artist — does her Billboard status justify her outrageous demands?

According to sources, she’s been known to demand Cristal champagne with bendy straws to drink it, two dozen white roses, and dark-colored couches without busy patterns for her dressing room.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to her rumored 2009 demand for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves to be released while she turned on Christmas lights at Westfield London Shopping Centre. The demand could not be met due to health hazards, but Westfield was able to accommodate her request to roll out the pink carpet for her and then shower the crowd with pink and white butterfly-shaped confetti.



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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez may be doing commercials for Fiat and selling her clothing line at Kohl’s, but don’t be deceived. This former Fly Girl turned world-wide superstar is just as divalicious as the rest of them, as evidenced by her 2001 rider demanding an all-white dressing room, including white couches, white tablecloths, white candles, an assortment of white flowers, white everything!

According to Perez Hilton, J-Lo’s demands have skyrocketed in recent years. At the 2010 American Music Awards, the American Idol judge demanded a custom-fitted ferry — complete with faux leather seats, a champagne fridge, and a pair of diamond-encrusted headphones — to usher her from Cannes to Monaco.


Madonna performs during her MDNA tour at Hyde Park, London.

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Madonna is the Queen of Pop, so it’s only fitting that she would demand her very own throne while on tour. According to the Daily Mail, Madge requires a brand new toilet seat at every show, in addition to dozens of white roses and candles to protect from “negative glances and mean-spiritedness.” She also requires special Kabbalah water, which costs $5 a bottle, backstage. There must be 25 cases back there for each show!

Perhaps even more shocking is Madonna’s request to ban air conditioning in every venue to protect her vocal chords. Fans who flocked to see her Confessions World Tour in London in 2006, began fainting as temps inside the arena hit the 90-degree mark. The British health and safety council had no choice but to overrule her diva demand and flip the A/C back on.

But that’s nothing compared to the backlash Madonna received after her latest incident when she mouthed off about a bouquet of flowers given to her by a fan. In case you didn’t know, she absolutely loathes hydrangeas.

While making the rounds on her current MDMA tour, the Material Girl is traveling with a heavy load as well. Her 200-person entourage includes personal chefs, 30 bodyguards, an acupuncturist, and a yoga instructor! She even totes around a personal dry cleaner and insists her dressing room be filled to the brim with lillies and white and pink roses with perfectly trimmed six-inch stems. The singer also expects the room to be swathed in a specific fabric and outfitted with 20 international phone lines.

When Madonna retires to her hotel room, she spares no expense to make herself feel at home. An insider tells In Touch that she replaces all hotel furnishings with her own furniture shipped in just for the occasion!



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Barbara Streisand

This one makes no sense. She doesn’t want a clean toilet or a new toilet seat…nope! Streisand wants rose petals floating in the toilet for her. Why is that?



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You don’t expect her to go to the bathroom in a dirty toilet do you? That toilet better be freshly scrubbed and disenfected and the temperature better not be anything but 78 degrees.



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Christina Aguilera

During her heyday, Christina Aguilera’s contract rider was a little bizarre, but not too over-the-top — the singer demanded items like Flintstones vitamins, Oreo cookies, and soy cheese. Oh wait, this diva will wait for no one! Christina must have a police escort from the airport because waiting in traffic is too much for her to handle! Obviously, no diva should have to endure the utter agony of a red light.

These days, Christina is much more concerned with how she looks on camera. According to Perez Hilton, The Voice judge demands to watch the playback of every single scene she’s in and will make the crew re-shoot them if she thinks she looks fat.



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Britney Spears

Britney Spears is really just a hometown gal at heart, and her diva demands reflect her Kentwood, La. upbringing. A music insider told us that Brit Brit was all about southern comfort food backstage at the 2007 MTV VMAs, which she washed down with a few ice-cold margaritas. Probably not the best idea before performing a choreographed routine in a midriff-baring costume and stiletto boots, but who are we to judge?

X Factor was willing to pay her $15 million to be on the show, so you can expect they would get her whatever else she wants, which is a crazy list: 10 bags of Doritos a day, 10 pieces of chicken, 12 Snickers bars, four pints of potato salad every week, six cases of Diet Coke, which must be replenished every week and 12 vases of magnolia blossoms in her dressing room.

These days, Britney’s rider is looking much healthier. According to PerezHilton, she has banned all junk food from her Femme Fatale Tour dressing room, and requires each venue to accommodate two humidifiers and a miniature gym.

However, a source recently told Perez that calories don’t count when she’s in London, as she requests portions of fish and chips for dinner backstage.



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Keep adding on the #1 hits and keep adding on the demands. Rihanna requires black or blue drapes in her dressing room layered with icy-blue chiffon. Add on top of that an animal print throw rug that is clean and ready for her bare feet.



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Katy Perry

She gets very specific in her demands: coffee tables that are ”perspex modern” style and pairs of floor lamps in French ornate style and a fridge with a glass door!



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I’m sure this is just a start for the queen…she must have an entire room dedicated for her wigs!


ANSABE?! O, ‘di ba? Ang aarte rin talaga nila?! Akala mo naman Diyos kung maka-demand. 🙂 Pero nakakaaaliw rin ha. Aminin n’yo. Parang ‘di rin kapani-paniwala.

Basta ako kapag naging sikat (which is manyayari talaga very soon), isa lang ang demand ko: dapat puro pogi at macho ang staff na ibibigay sa akin! Dapat ka-peg ni Derek Ramsey. Ganyan. Bawal pangit sa backstage room ko. Hindi talaga ako magshow-show kapag may nakita akong chaka na hahara-hara sa paligid. SWEAR! 🙂 Wow. Diva na rin agad ha! Char lang. 😉

Stay humble everyone. After all, mamamatay din tayo. Hiram lang ang buhay natin sa mundo. Huwag masyadong mayabang. Kinukuha ng dagat ang mayayabang. 🙂

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